We use our research to develop programs and online resources that are useful to autistic youth and their communities. 

The Birds and the Bees

Support for Teaching Human Sexuality to Individuals with Autism and Developmental Disabilities

The most comprehensive online resource for teaching human sexuality education to individuals with autism and developmental disabilities. Includes original lesson plans and visual supports.

Screen shot showing lunch food and the words mealtimes on the spectrum.

Mealtimes on the Spectrum

A Toolkit for Making Mealtimes More Meaningful and Functional

This online toolkit provides support to parents with managing mealtimes and eating as well as promoting health. Includes sharable infographics and easy to follow guides.

Social Discovery

Rethinking Social Skills

Social Discovery is a social skills program for adolescents on the autism spectrum. It uses an experiential instructional model to promote social behavior such as self-expression, problem-solving, and emotional regulation.

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